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 Rules for Transactions on GETnaso

Version 1.0, issued on 2018.10.16

1. Principle of Honest Trade

Users must abide by the principle of good faith in all of their Transactions (defined below) and perform Transactions as agreed between the parties in the relevant contract (in accordance with the agreed date, place, delivery methods, payment solution, products inspection and acceptance procedures, etc), so as to maintain the market order of GETnaso platform.

2. Principle of Compliance

When using any services (including but not limited to transaction services) of GETnaso platform in their Transaction, users must observe all applicable laws and regulations, these Rules for Transactions on www.nasotrading.com (these “Rules”) and other rules published on www.nasotrading.com from time to time (hereinafter referred to as 1.the“Relevant Rules”) and the agreement(s) applicable to the relevant service(s) on www.nasotrading.com.

3. Scope of Application of These Rules for Transaction

These Rules apply to GETnaso user cross-border transactions (hereinafter “Transaction”).

4. The Purchase Contract of Cross-border Trade Transaction

GETnaso provides the online transaction systems and relevant technical services to support sellers and buyers to conclude Transactions online. When sellers and buyers conduct online Transactions, they must observe these Rules, the GETnaso Services Agreement and the service agreement of GETnaso in connection with each Online Transaction Service (such as the service contract for Chinese suppliers) and the Relevant Rules.

The buyer and the seller has the obligation to confirm the agreement in respect of the above Transaction, and agree in good faith on the trade terms (i.e., the number of products, prices, products features (e.g. specifications, materials), payment solution, delivery time, place and methods, as well as product inspection and acceptance methods. If a user uses Supply Chain Management Service, Smart Logistics Service or other special transaction services, the applicable agreement and/or rules for such special transaction services should apply first, and if the relevant circumstance is not expressly provided in such agreements or rules, these Rules shall apply. GETnaso may decide if the relevant rules are applicable at its sole discretion.

To maintain an honest trading environment and proper market order on GETnaso platform, in respect of those contracts that are entered into for the purposes of acquiring improper interests or are untrue or dishonest, GETnaso may dispose of or penalize those Transactions and the accounts involved in such prohibitive manners at its sole discretion. GETnaso reserves the right of recourse on all improper interests acquired through GETnaso.

5. Payment

After the contract is confirmed, buyers and sellers should complete the payment process in accordance with the terms of the contract. Buyer should complete payment pursuant to the payment amount, payment method and specified accounts stipulated in the offline contract.

Unless otherwise stipulated, regular extra charges (e.g. bank charges or third-party service fees) arising under a Transaction shall be borne by the users who use the specific products or services. Both the Buyer and Seller should bear the risk of fluctuations in exchange rate.

Deposit instructions: the payment term of deposit is pursuant to the contract stipulation; and the deposit shall be deducted from total amount at the final payment.

6. Transaction Disputes and Mediation

If there is any dispute between buyers and GETnaso during the transaction or service process, the dispute can be settled according to the agreement and relevant laws agreed by both parties at that time.

7. Assessment or Communication on GETnaso Platform

Buyers may provide an assessment for transactions completed via one of the online transaction methods approved by GETnaso. With respect to any assessment or communications on www.nasotrading.com, it is prohibited to use illegal or improper remarks (including but not limited to, spam messages, pornography, insult, defamation, unauthorized disclosure of another person’s private information (e.g. name, contact information, address, etc), language that infringe a third party's legitimate rights or otherwise are detrimental to the stability of society). GETnaso has the right at its sole discretion of hiding, masking or deleting any such content and the corresponding evaluation grading, and dispose of or penalize the related accounts.

8. Disclaimer

If the system fails or the online transactions cannot be completed or the relevant information and records are lost due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of GETnaso platform, GETnaso will assist in handling the aftermath as soon as reasonably possible and try to protect users from economic losses.

      In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Rules, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

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