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12W High Quality Commercial Insect Killer/Mosquito Killing Lamp

Product ID:  3593

price:  $5.22 ~  $5.45

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1.Design:Improved from the traditional range,this series combines with aluminum alloy structure and ABS plastic side.It is a fire-new look and it increase the effective coverage with the light emitting from the holes of side boards to attracting insects;
2.Housing:Alunminum alloy surface with electrophoretic treatment,which is shining effect,strong structure,durable,corrosion-proof,scratch-proof,oil-proof and easy clean;
3.Collection tray:Innovative collection tray can be fixed into the housing and draw out of cleaning easily;
4.Lamps:Quality UVA lamp,effective working life to be 8000 hours;
5.Position:Wall mounted,ceiling suspended or free standing;
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